On Sunday, August 29, 1999, about 9:30 in the morning, a fire was discovered at the Lidgerwood Public School. The fire started and thankfully remained in the Mechanical Room located just off the Multipurpose Room and Gymnasium.

Fire fighters from Lidgerwood, Wyndmere, and Hankinson were at the scene, but no water could be used to put out the flames until someone from Ottertail Power Company could come and shut off the incoming electrical current. The Mechanical Room houses the main circuitry of the building including the electrical and telephone connections.

Because of the wait, extensive smoke filled the rest of the school building. Once the go ahead was given, the fire was quickly put out, but the smoke and ashes had already done its damage in the adjacent areas.

The School Board met and discussed what was needed in order to get the school back to a workable building for the staff and the students. School was postponed until the following week.

It was decided to keep grades K through 8 in Lidgerwood, and grades 9 through 12 would go to the neighboring city of Wyndmere.

Kindergarten was held at Saint Boniface Church.

1st grade was held at Saint Boniface Church.

2nd grade was held at the Civic Center.

3rd grade was held at the Fire Hall.

4th grade was held at Saint Boniface Church.

5th grade was held at the American Legion Hall.

6th grade was held at Holy Cross Church.

7th grade was held at Bergen Church.

8th grade was held at the KC Hall.

School was reopened on September 27 with all new carpeting and many ceiling tiles replaced. There was a massive cleanup throughout the entire building.

The Lidgerwood students were more than happy to get back into their own school.