Prom & Banquet

Lidgerwood's Junior-Senior Prom & Banquet was held on

Friday, April 12, 2019.

The music was provided by "Rock'n Rodney."

The banquet started at 6:30 p.m. with the Grand March commencing at 8:00. The Post-Prom party followed the dance.

The colors for prom were green & silver.

Mary Roman
Prom Servers
Lexi Meyer and Eric Ebel
Katie Willprecht and Tony Peralis
Haley Arth and Dylan Frankki
2019 Couples
Brooklyn Kuzel
Escorted by
Robert Mendoza
Michaela Honl
Escorted by
Broden Frolek
Hannah Ciesynski
Escorted by
Dalton West
Kendra Kaczynski
Escorted by
Zach Frankki
Jana Henderson
Escorted by
Chance Buchholz
Kaylee Harles
Escorted by
Mason Buehre
Drew Frolek
Escorted by
Alex Witt
Shaylynn Nelson
Escorted by
Aaron Bohnenstingl
Mikenzi Anderson
Escorted by
Carson Buchholz
Maxine Ebel
Escorted by
Matthew Heley
Kennedi Meyer
Escorted by
Garret Mechl
Rayn Clark
Escorted by
Deven Wiest
Lily Baldwin
Escorted by
Preston Bohnenstingl
Jasmine Downs
Escorted by
Brady Mendoza
Lydia Jorgenson
Escorted by
Nathan Hetland
Anna Heley
Escorted by
Ethan Witt
Madison Oster Escorted by Zach Wulfekuhle
Samantha Kill Escorted by Nolan Thompson
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