Prom & Banquet

Lidgerwood's Junior-Senior Prom & Banquet was held on

Friday, April 16, 2021.

The music was provided by "Rock'n Rodney."

The Banquet and Post-Prom party was not done
this year because of Covid.

The Grand March commenced at 8:00.

The colors for prom were gold & silver.

Mary Roman
Prom Servers
None this year
2021 Couples
Kendra Kaczynski
Escorted by
Ethan Witt
Tallin Schafer
Escorted by
Kaden Campbell
Drew Frolek
Escorted by
Garret Meehl
Dreah Frolek
Escorted by
Tony Perales
Faith Fredrickson
Escorted by
Bryer Kaczynski
MacKenzie Sand
Escorted by
Brady Kuzel
Lucy Hagen
Escorted by
Preston Bohnenstingl
Maddie Katzenmeyer
Escorted by
Sam Arndt
Jenna Baarson
Escorted by
Carson Buchholz
Jaida Downs
Escorted by
Haylee Meyer
Escorted by
Evan Grenz
Emma Bastian
Escorted by
Matthew Heley
Mya Jelinek
Escorted by
Andrew Arth
Lexi Meyer
Escorted by
Alec Peterman
Avery Trittin
Escorted by
Dylan Frankki
Katie Willprecht
Escorted by
Nick Thompson
Ashlie Mauch Escorted by Erich Ebel
Lauren Oster Escorted by Levi Witt
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