This year, the Photography Club is made up of five members. They are Ashley Bosch, Deanna Herbel, Ashley Marotzke, Liz Pfeifer, and Brad Plankers. First, the members learned about film types, the mechanics of their cameras, and the elements of good composition. After that, each person took pictures and processed the film. Using the negatives and enlargers, various sized pictures were made. Also, the members set up proper studio lighting and took portrait pictures of each other.
The Photography Club is no longer in exsistance as the two teachers, Mr. Blixt and Mr. Guenther have retired from LHS after puting in some 40 plus years each working in the Lidgerwood School system. During that time they spent 30 plus years each volunteering to work with students in the evenings by giving up their time to teach them the joys of photography.