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The Coronation
The Homecoming candidates were:
Bethany Schafer Alex Kratcha
Jana Kaczynski Levi Kackman
Lexi Helmer Tommy Baldwin
Olivia Frolekylee
Landon Buehre
Our Homecoming festivities started on Monday, September 11th with Senior Citizens Day. The next day was Princess vs Villian. And then came Class Wars Day. It was followed by BBQ Dads & Soccer Moms Day. The last day we had the traditional Spirit Day with colors of Vegas Gold & 'Black' .

During the Tuesday afternoon activities, last year's King & Queen, Brandon Henderson and Zoey Bohnenstingl crowned our new King, Alex Kratcha and Queen, Jana Kaczynski. They will reign over the 2023-2024 school activities.

Friday night we played Sargent County at Wyndmere at 7:00 p.m. Both teams were really fired up. The Warbirds fight hard, but the Bulldogs were too much for us, and we lost the game, 6 to 43.

After the game the Friday Night Lights was held at the Wyndmere field.

The Crown bearers
Last year's Queen Zoey and King Brandon came to crown this year's winners
Queen - Jana & King - Alex
Way To Go!