The Coronation
The Homecoming candidates were:
Dreah Frolek Dylan Frankki
Tallin Schaeferber Levi Witt
Kenzie Sand Erich Ebel
Our Homecoming festivities started on Monday, September 13th with Manic Monday Day. The next day was Chads vs. Dads Day. And then came Teacher Look-a-like Day. It was followed by Class Wars Day. The last day we had the traditional Spirit Day with colors of Vegas Gold & Black .

During the Monday afternoon activities, last year's King & Queen, Matt Heley and Drew Frolek crowned our new King, Erich Ebel and Queen, Kenzie Sand. They will reign over the 2021-2022 school activities.

Friday night we played Tri-State at Wyndmere at 7:00 p.m. Both teams were really fired up. The Warbirds fought hard, and . . .

The after the game dance was cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

The Crown bearers
Last year's Queen Drew and King Matt

returning to crown this year's winners

Queen - Kenzie & King - Erich
Way To Go!
The Parade
The Activities
The Homecoming game photos are located in the Football Web Pages