Class Colors: Black, Vagas Gold, White, and Royal Blue

Class Flower: Blue Iris

Class Motto: "Together, we have xperienced life.

Seperately, we will pursue our dreams.

Forever, our memories will reamain.

Students and Parents can DRAG any photos they want to their computer desktop to keep for themselves
Students are listed alphabetically
Thomas Baldwin

Taylor Buchholz

Landon Buehre

Mason Conry

Olivia Frolek

Isaiah Heley

Alexis Helmer

Levi Kackman

Jana Kaczynski

Alex Kratcha

Brenden Larson

Londyn Mikesh

Dalton Ohm

Bethany Schafer

Kara Siemieniewski

Andrew Theis

LHS Band
Kara Siemieniewski
Thomas Baldwan
Jana Kaczynski
Bethany and Olivia