We have lost two wonderful students that showed great promise of becoming outstanding adults in the fields of their choice as they were nearing the completion of their education at LHS. I had the distinct privilege of haveing these students in two previous math classes, and they were now in my third one. I looked forward to having them this year and even next year as they both had high academic abilities and were taking classes that demanded lots of time to do well. These students were willing to take on this challenge and would surely have done exceptionally well.

Courtney and Michelle both had stopped in separtely to talk to me the morning of that fateful day. They came in to ask some math questions that they were concerned about as they were preparing for a test later that afternoon. Each came in to clarify some math rules as they knew these would be applied in the solving of the problems that were going to be on the test. Their desire to learn and their quest for knowledge was not the only trait they shared. Michelle and Courtney had wonderful personalities and outstanding athletic abilities. These traits and many others were passed down from a set of wonderful parents, who raised these students to become fine young ladies - two of best students that have graced the halls of LHS. These parents spent many years instilling the values of life and countless hours attending the many functions that these two girls were involved in. Our hats are off to these parents as they did an awesome job. I know they will miss them dearly.

Who will be able to forget the many balls that had the perfect set from Michelle to give Courtney the chance to leap into the air and slam the ball to other side of the net during their many victories on the Volleyball team. Nor will we forget the great finesse of Michelle handling the ball in the front court as she directed the team and also giving those great feeds to Courtney on the inside to score the many points that she did in each and every game. Many, many parents, teachers and students in Lidgerwood will not forget these two individuals. We will always remember the amount of time Courtney would spend studying for tests or the extra hours she would put in practicing for the sports that she was in. Nor will we forget the countless times Courtney gave up her time to help other students with their homework. We will also remember the bubbly personality that Michelle displayed in the hallway and in the classroom; and the students won't forget her 'Blond Moments' either. Her countless hours spent working on her sports was a tribute to her desire to excel in what she did. These students will be remembered by many people as two of Lidgerwood's Finest, and so will yours truly.

Harley Guenther - Math instructor and Webmaster


Here are some pictures of Courtney and Michelle as they appeared in my camera lens many times.

Courtney Haase

Daughter of Dean
and Carolyn Haase

Best Friends Forever
Michelle Kutter

Daughter of Jim
and Jody Kutter