The 3rd place members are:

Haylee Meyer

Zoey Bohnenstingl

Dylan Frankki

Tallin Schaefer

Dreah Frolek

Haylee Medenwaldt

The members are:

Calista Heley

Emma Schafer

Peyton Frolek

Shelton Strege

Wyatt Harles

Ben Frankki

The Academic Olympics are held each year on a rotating basis at one of the 16 schools involved. The tournament took place in Lisbon on March 14th. This year in the X category were students from Carrington, Enderlin, Kindred, Lisbon, Oakes, Richland, and Oak Grove. In the Y category were students from Pingree-Buchanan, Fairmount, Lidgerwood, Litchville-Marion, Hankinson, Sargent Central, Milnor, North Sargent, and Wyndmere. There are 30 questions given during the preliminary round to all schools. Students have 30 seconds to give their answer on all subject matter questions other than math where they have 60 seconds to arrive at their answer. (No calculators are allowed.) The top three teams from each category then get a chance to move on to the lightning round. Here students answer questions from all types of categories, but the first team to buzz in the quickest, is the one given the chance to answer the question. (Wrong answers are penalized.) Eventually one team from each category becomes the final winner.

Kindred was the final winner of category X, and Wyndmere was winner of category Y.