Denomination: St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church

Location: 413 Main Street, Geneseo, ND  58053



Pastor: Rev. Robert Smith

Sunday Mass

10:30 AM in January, March, May, July,
September & November

?? AM in February, April, June, August,
October & December

Education Place and Time: Religious Education Classes are with St. Boniface in Lidgerwood, ND

Parish Secretary: Diane Siemieniewski

Phone#: - 4339

Service Groups:
Lay Directors - Joel Kaczynski 538 - 4902,
Allen Lawrence 538 - 4318

Altar Society President - Shirley Smykowski 538 - 4821

Cemetery Board Members: John W. Manikowski,
Joseph P. Neiber 538 - 4324, Ray Smykowski 538 - 4542,  
Contact Person: Tom Kaczynski 538 - 4486

Brief History: The first settlers arrived in the year 1882 at what is now called Kingston Township.  By 1887 this township had about ten families.  Father Lokorski of Grendville, SD celebrated the first mass at the George Bauch home.

A wooden church was constructed by the pioneers under the direction of John Anderson in 1890.  The total cost was twelve hundred dollars.  The church was officially established on July 16, 1907.  In 1915 Father Maluski came as pastor.  By this time the parish had about 50 families.  This was capacity of the church.  A grave problem confronted the settlers because the church was crowded.  Should they extend the wooded structure that was 26 years old or should they build a new church?

In 1916 a contract was drawn up with Hancock Construction of Willmar, MN to erect a brick building with seating capacity of 320 people.  The building was started in the spring and finished by fall of the same year.  The building with furnishings cost $24,600.  The trustee’s in office during the construction were John Kaczynski Sr. and Frank Siemieniewski. 

The rectory was built in 1906 under the direction of Frank Skroch.

Since this time the church has had several improvements done.

 Special Event: 

Mother’s Day Dinner – Sunday, May 8th, 2011
Serving  11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Ham and Turkey Dinner