President - Darwin Heley
Betty Wettstein
Jill Baldwin
Stan Smykowski
Paula Frank
Location of Meetings: Lidgerwood Public School Board Room

Phone #: (701) 538 - 7341

E-mail: [email protected]
             [email protected]
             [email protected]

Purpose and Role of the Board: The purpose of the School Board is to provide an educational program in accordance with the desires of the patrons of the school district within their ability and willingness to support such a program.

As an elected body, the Board welcomes input from the community in the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the educational program.

The School Board is a policy-making body, and employs a Superintendent, who is charged with the implementation of Board policy, and the day-to-day administration of the school.

Current members of the School Board: They are listed above. Board members select a president and vice president from the members at the organizational meeting in July.

Each meeting is also attended by the Superintendent - Tony Grubb, the Principal - Wayne Hinrichs, the Business Manager - Janice Illies, and a member of the local teachers association.

Meeting time: The second Monday of each month, except in June it is the second Tuesday.

            March through October - 7:30 PM
            November through February - 4:30 PM

Elections: They are held at the school annually on the second Tuesday of June. All seats are three year terms. Three Board members represent the rural area of the school district and must live outside the city limits of Lidgerwood. Two Board members represent the city and must live whithin the city limits of Lidgerwood.