Location of Meetings: Knights of Columbus Hall, 56 Wiley Ave S

Mission Statement: The Lidgerwood Knights of Columbus, Council 4778, strive to uphold the principles of the Knights of Columbus: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  As Brother Knights, along with our families, we continue to work together, to support the values of the Catholic Church, to strengthen family life and to enliven our community.  The council offers an opportunity for Knights and their families to volunteer their services in all the good works of the order.

Membership: 173

Group Officers:

            Chaplain: Rev. Philip Chacko

            Grand Knight: Kelly Kohoutek

            Deputy Grand Knight: Jason Arth

            Chancellor: Jody Kuzel

            Financial Secretary: Ryan Kaczynski

            Treasurer: Craig Wisnewski

            Warden: Brian Baldwin

            Advocate: Travis Kohoutek

            Recorder: Brian Lesner

            Trustee: Joel Kaczynski                          

            Trustee: Mark Siemieniewski

            Trustee: John Popp

            Inside Guard: Greg Bohnenstingl

            Outside Guard: Mark Frolek

            Program Director: Jason Arth

            Community Director: Ron Bohnenstingl

            Council Director: Joel Kaczynski

            Pro-life Director: David Breker

            Youth Director: Aaron Frolek

            Canteen Director: Joe Wettstein

            Gaming Director: Kevin Kohoutek

            Hall Rentals: Joe Wettstein

            Head Cook: Mark Siemieniewski


Phone#: (701) 538 - 4160


Meeting Time: 2nd Tuesday of each Month
                           9:00 PM Summer – 8:00 PM Winter

Brief History: Council formed on April 26, 1959