Address: 10 2nd Ave SE

Phone #: (701) 538 - 4500

Fax #: (701) 538 - 4143

After Hours Phone #: (701) 538 - 4500


Established in:

Owner: Kevin and Paula Frank


Employees and Job Titles: Kevin Frank: licensed funeral director.   Elmer Frank: licensed funeral director.  Paula Frank: office manager and funeral assistant.  Marilyn Frank: monument sales and funeral assistant

Hours of Operation: 24/7

History: The first funeral home in Richland County not attached with a furniture store. Elmer and Marilyn Frank purchased the Walby Funeral Home in Setember 1970 from Shine Walby.  Elmer and Marilyn’s son and daughter-in-law Keven and Paula Frank purchased it in 2003.  They also purchased the Frank Family Funeral Home in Hankinson from Elmer and Marilyn at the same time.

Services: At-need and pre-need funeral services, monument sales, cremation, ship-in and out, and  full service funeral  home

Payment: Cash or check