Dakota Estates Picinic


Albert Mikesh was back again to play his wonderful music during the Annual Dakota Estates Picnic.
Many residents from the community come to the picnic to enjoy a visit with the residents of Dakota Estates. Many also enjoy visiting with other community members and listening to the music.
This year the picinic was held right in the Dakota Estates facility.

Description: Annual Dakota Estates Picnic

Each year the Dakota Estates holds a picnic for its residents and anyone else who would like to attend. For many years the picnic was held on the lawn at the Retirement Center. However, in 2006 it was held at the KC Hall because of the temperatures. Not only was the climate great, but it was also easier for the residents to move around. Consequently, the picnic has continued to be held in the KC Hall since that time.

For many years Albert Mikesh has provided entertainment at the picnic. He has a knack for putting a smile on people's faces and putting a bit of spring into their step.

The picnic usually begins with entertainment at 5 p.m. Throughout the afternoon munchies are served and door prizes are given away. Dakota Estates provides sandwiches, chips, pickles, and beverages, and others who attend bring salads and desserts.

Times or Hours Open: 5:00 - 7:00 PM onTuesday - September

Cost: Free

This year all sandwiches were prepared by the staff of Dakota Estates plus they also provided the salads and the 2 deserts.
Employees of the Dakota Estates handed out the deserts.
Once again, Albert Mikesh displays his musical talent.