Dakota Estates Activities

Lefse Making
Ladies of the community are helping Dakota Estates to make lefse for the residents' holiday treat.
LaVonne Guenther is rolling balls of lefse dough into thin sheets that are baked by Iva Prudlik, Ardeen Haas, and Mavis Stibal.
Marie Jensvold bakes sheets of lefse that are rolled by Norma Honl.
Staff members Karen, Sandy, and Kari also joined in the rolling and baking of the lefse.
Joyce Grumbo, Eleanor Harles, and Evelyn Polansky make lefse as residents look on.

Description: Lefse Baking at Dakota Estates

Each year ladies of the community come together to help the residents of Dakota Estates to make lefse. Tracey Nelson, a former Estates employee, made the potato mixture. In the morning, Activity Director Sandy Ohm mixed in the flour. Residents and volunteers later rolled the mixture into balls. Then the baking began in the afternoon - one sheet at a time. Once all 144 sheets were baked, samples were enjoyed by residents and volunteers.

Phyllis Lentz also joined in making the lefse.
About 12 dozen sheets of lefse were rolled and baked in 1 1/2 hours. That's a lot of lefse!
Volunteers: Standing - Rosalie Dallmann, Phyllis Lentz, LaVonne Guenther, Eleanor Harles, Tracey Nelson, Ardeen Haas, and Norma Honl

Sitting - Joyce Grumbo and Evelyn Polansky

All who helped with the lefse: Standing - Rosalie Dallmann, Eleanor Harles, Phyllis Lentz, LaVonne Guenther, Karen Judd, Evonne Holland, Tracey Nelson, Mavis Stibal, Delores Garcia, Kari , Iva Prudlik, Sandy Ohm, Normal Honl, and Marie Jensvold

Sitting - Joyce Grumbo, Evelyn Polansky, and Ardeen Haas

Tree Lighting Ceremony
On December 4 the Dakota Estates held their annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Many community members and Dakota Estates residents attended.
Administrator Curt Brownlee explained how the various colors of Christmas were used throughout history.
Once the tree was lit, everyone got to see the various groups of colors. Not only are specific colors used for the tree lights, but they are also used in many areas of the Church, such as the Advent candles and paraments. For the Dakota Estates these colors have an additional significane. The various colors represent levels of donations for various projects at the Center. Brownlee said that this year's funds would be used for a dining room renovation.