Address: 1st Ave SW, Lidgerwood, ND

Phone #: (701) 538 - 9837

Mobile #:

Fax #:

After Hours Phone #:

E-Mail: [email protected] .com

Established in: June 2021

Owner: Lidgerwood Progressive Development Corp

Manager: Jerry Armeson

Employees: Lisa Anton, Deb Stenvold, Deb Krause, Jim Resler,

                    Isaiah Heley, Landon Buehre, and Bryer Kaczynski

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 7am to 7 pm Sat 7 am to 6 pm

                                              Sun 9 am to 1 pm

Services: Bakery, Fresh Meat, Fresh Produce, Off Sale Liquor/Beer

Payment: Cash, Credit Card or Local Check