The Main House's first bedroom off of the living room is restored. It was used for the Bagg family daughters and as a guest room.
The Living Room is showcased with Mr. Bagg's furniture chairs. The organ came from Norway, and Mrs. Bagg used to play it.
Above is the Living Room as it looks as one walks into it from the doorway to the dining area. A 1890 wedding gift photo frame made from wooden cigar boxes can be seen.
The cooking Kitchen and Pantry has a center island, a design of the 1880's, and shows the house was built with spice holder, and it had a nickle top.
The mens' dining area held places for 25 men to eat at one time. They sat on wooden benches and 100 men could be served in 45 minutes by the Bagg Farm cooks and waiters. The table and serving area is used today for groups booking dinners and lunches.
If anyone is interested in having a dinner or picnic for a group of 15 or more at the Farm, the charge is $18.00 and $15.00. This includes tour fee, food, drink, and pie for dessert. The booking can be any day of the week or weekend. Food is also available at the concessions store every weekend.

Call 642-2411 for reservations.