I was born and raised in LaMoure, ND where I graduated in 1964. I started my first Rock 'n Roll band as the lead guitarist in 1963 and disbanded my last group in the fall of 1968 when I started teaching. I attended NDSU in Fargo for 4 years and graduated with a major in Mathematics, minors in Chemistry, Physics and Education. I accepted a position in Lidgerwood to teach mathematics. I married LaVonne Stibal in the fall of 1970 and several years later we had two sons. Troy, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia works for the Government. He is a Computer Systems Engineer working in the field of Telecommunications. His job now as the lead architect of a project is to bring fiber optics to each household in the entire continent of Australia. Brett, who lives in Minneapolis, MN, graduated from Minnesota State University is a Business Analyst and is working for the Target corporation at their downtown headquarters.

When computers became of the age to get installed in schools, I returned to college during the summers and picked up classes at NDSU, UND, Minot, Valley City and Bemidji State to get another major in Computer Science. I became the Technology Coordinator at our school in 1982. I worked a little for Sendit (part of Edu-Tech that provides Internet to all ND schools) when it first started up and I took care of the files that were being up/down loaded from their servers. I created my first Web Site in 1997 for the ND Technology Users Group (ND TUG). Later that same year I finished creating the Lidgerwood School Web Site. I was asked to create the Lidgerwood ND city site in 2007 for the Lidgerwood Business Association.

Working at the school and also having my wife there teaching English and Physical Education classes consumed most of our time. Being involved with many activities and attending many more gave us little time to get involved with local community groups. I coached Boys Basketball for 10 years, was Prom adviser for 18 years, Student Council advisor for 10 years, operated the score clock for basketball games for 30 years, and volunteered to teach evening photography classes with Mr. Blixt for 30 years. During that time I took some Photography classes at Bemidji State and did some work for Scherling Photography in Fargo, providing them with pictures for different school’s yearbooks. I also provided sports pictures for the Lidgerwood Monitor newspaper for many years.

My wife and I retired from teaching in 2014 after she taught for 41 years and I taught for 46 years. I retired from my technology job in 2015.

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